Songs: Ohia’s seminal record Didn’t It Rain was just reissued by Secretly Canadian. We didn’t know that was going to happen when Seth Vanek and I got together to plan ourpart of You, Me, Them, Everybody’s Important Records. the result is that we sang Two Blue Lights and Blue Chicago Moon and Seth talked beautifully about the record. Brandon Weatherbee recorded it for his podcast, he says:

“I highly recommend downloading it simply for the Seth Vanek and Eiren Caffall music/talk about Songs: Ohia’s “Didn’t It Rain.” They perform “Two Blue Lights” at the top and “Blue Moon Chicago” at minute 13. I don’t think any of us knew the album was being reissued in a deluxe package by Secretly Canadian today, but it is. I’ve been listening to it and getting super fucking sad. It’s really good. Eiren’s voice is even better and makes already great songs even better great songs.”

We’re alongside some other gorgeous stuff, including Rock Falls, and REINS, Christy LeMaster and Brandon himself. Download it all here.