Hear Eiren on Chicago NPR station WBEZ’s Morning Shift speaking to Tony Sarabia about Slipping the Holdfast, songwriting, Earnest Shackleton, and her novel-in-progress.

WBEZ Morning Shift

Caffall’s sensibilities aren’t quite so precious; her latest effort, “Slipping the Holdfast,” doesn’t cater to lyricism immersed in time-stamped slang, nor is the instrumentation confined to an acoustic guitar. Instead, she employs electricity to great effect, echoing the Crazy Horse distortion tone akin to the late Jason Molina.

New City

Eiren Caffall is an amazing double threat as both a writer and a musician.

The Deli Chicago
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Slipping the Holdfast

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One True Boy (single)

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Burdensome & Rich

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Civil Twilight