On June 29th I’ll be a guest on Seth Vanek’s live talk show Therapy Sessions. He gets musicians and writers to talk out the big issues in front of an audience at Chicago’s Hungry Brain. This time I won’t be playing music, but I will be reading the opening of my novel, currently seeking representation, LEAVING AMEN. The theme of the night is fear, and I can’t think of a better thing to read. The book is the result of writing through all my fears about climate change, so it is perfectly right and true that I should be reading part of it for the first time in public under Seth’s smartypants care. Roommate’s Kent Lambert and Tiny Cover Band’s Justin Petertil will be the other remarkable guests. A real family lovefest. Come hear about all I’m afraid of, and how the darkness is made brighter by love. Show starts at 9, free, $1 well drinks. Not to be beat. More details here.