photo by Jacob Hand copyright 2011

Eiren Caffall’s songs are tiny anthems for that moment when you think you might drown—-but instead you begin to fly.

Her previous records —- Prairie Music (2000) and Civil Twilight (2009) were pressed into 100 copy runs that she handed out to people she thought could use them.  She opened for the likes of Vic Chesnutt, The Cairo Gang, Richard Buckner, and Simon Joyner. 

Then in 2009 her marriage came flying apart, and the pieces broke everything they hit.  Alone with a small child, with no job and no money, she wrote a new album in a six-month flurry of urgent late nights, her son asleep in the next room.

                                   cover art by Doug Fogelson copyright 2013

Slipping the Holdfast was released in 2013. 

Download it on bandcamp or buy it on iTunes or from Saki Records site.

It was recorded by Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sound.  She and her band - Ariel Bolles (Rachel Ries), Joshua Dumas (Thomas Comerford), Zachariah Parker (The Sewing Machine) and Lawrence Peters (The Lawrence Peters Outfit) - make music about the wisdom that comes whether you like it or not.

                                     cover art by Dexter Phillip copyright 2009

Download the single Useful to the Day on bandcamp, a preview of the next record which she began recording in 2013 at Pieholden Suite Sound.

                                    cover art by Joshua Dumas copyright 2012

Download a two-song single of Burdensome & Rich and The Storm (with a bonus podcast of an accompanying essay) from the upcoming full album Slipping the Holdfast on bandcamp.  Music for a personal shipwreck

Video for Burdensome & Rich from Slipping the Holdfast.

Singing Help Me Make it Through the Night (2011) with Joshua Dumas for his Broken Leg Duets.

Download the previous record Civil Twilight (2009) on bandcamp.

              cover art by Starshaped Press copyright 2008

Read the essays that go with the records on the blog, Civil Twilight.